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What people are saying about Rachel Reenstra's hosting classes.

"Rachel is Positive, energetic and experienced. In a town where teachers are a dime a dozen, she is the real deal! Our clients love Rachel's class and yours will too."
-- Kenna Dean founder and owner of ACT NOW!

"Rachel is an inspiring teacher and mentor. Her class was fun and positive, but beyond that, serious work was accomplished. Because of Rachel's class, I now have a reel, an agent and a future! Thank you Rachel."------David Applebaum, Host

 "Rachel was amazing! She had awesome energy, and gave more of herself than in any workshop I have ever taken. She not only gave us tips on how to audition for various types of hosting jobs but actually helped all of us get footage to start or add to our reels. I can't say enough great things about her, she motivated, encouraged and helped all of us. Take this workshop!" --- Suzanne Quast, Actress/host

"Not only is Rachel amazing at her job (completely evident when that beaming smile and contagious positive attitude walks in the room!), but she is able to transfer that wisdom and positive energy to all of her students. Learning the ins and outs of hosting from such a pro was like an awakening and discovery of who I am as a person (not just an actor). Rachel's class was a life changing workshop for me. I've been pursuing hosting ever since!"------Kristen Nedopak

"Upon signing up...I didn't know what to expect from any hosting class.  I assumed I would maybe learn how to hold the microphone properly and ummm...be reminded to smile and keep my head up/shoulders back whenever I was on camera.  I didn't realize what I was getting myself into...that was until the first 5 minutes that Rachel stepped into the room.
Her smile and "bigger than life" personality completely lit up the room while making everyone feel right at home.  She introduced herself as if she was your best friend and you hadn't seen each other in 10 years. It was at that moment that I knew THIS class was going to be special. 

   Throughout the class she shares with us those key tools and unique work-ethic that she used to land every job she's had!  And you won't believe how easy it is! One of my personal favorite things about her teaching methods is her approach to the REAL issues of hosting. Even if it sounded ridiculous or made up....she never sugar-coated....she just gave it to us straight. Her hands on camera techniques alone will drive you to get up and be productive with your free time....even when the class is over!  No other class does that! In fact, at the end of all the sessions, the entire class walked out with a professional Demo Reel.  Can you put a price on that??!!  I sure couldn't!

   So in conclusion, as a completely satisfied student, I would recommend Rachel's class to anybody in or near the world of hosting.  Whether you are just curious to give it a try...or you have your own show on the Home Shopping Network....I'll put money on the fact that there is something you STILL don't know....and Rachel's class will help you find out. I LOVED it"

------ Johnny Valone Actor/Host

"Rachel's incredible energy and enthusiasm during the hosting class was amazing. She brought with her, experience, a crazy sense of humor, and a desire to really help us improve our hosting skills. She brought in Hosting agents and we were able to perform for them, as well, she made it a requirement of the class that we begin to create our hosting reel. Her feedback was positive, effective, and definitely usable. Rachel rocks and I would recommend her to anyone even thinking about a hosting career who wants to put some rocket fuel in their tank and take their career to the next level. I finished the class feeling charged up and ready to go!" ----- Vicky Drake, Actress/Host